Bird genome contains ‘fossils’ of parasites

In rare instances, DNA is known to have jumped from one species to another. If a parasite’s DNA jumps to its host’s genome, it could leave evidence of that parasitic interaction that could be found millions of years later – a DNA ‘fossil’ of sorts. An international research team led from Uppsala University has discovered a new type of so-called transposable element that occurred in the genomes of certain birds and nematodes.

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Trechos de DNA chamados transposões saltaram do DNA de nemátodes como a lombriga para os seus hospedeiros na altura.
Encontram-se certos transposões provenientes de nemátodes no genoma de mamíferos mas essa “infecção” apenas se deu mais recentemente. O que parece provar que os nemátodes apenas foram capazes de parasitar mamíferos mais recentemente do que as aves.

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