Mobile… mobile… thank you for relieving me !

Today I turned on my laptop computer that stays at my home after two days of standing-by, I think it’s a kind of a record I can tell it – being me a ‘computer-viciated’ guy as I use to be. The thing is, since I started to use smartphones over and over, the ‘dependency’ of using a computer started to decrease since I’m always taking my smartphone with me, and the use I give to it allows me to accomplish any daily task or doubt almost at the same time when it appears. In this new years when the degree of mobility increased as a consequence of the improvements made at technological level, even the laptop computers are being the ‘victims’, like the desktop computers were at their time the ‘things left behind’ with the advent of laptop computers, ore the old landline phones, which use also decreased with the appearance of mobile phones.

Any way, I can say that this technological achievment has allowed me to relieve myself from some kind of addiction I had before this time. Wooah, thanks to guy or guys that invented the mobile computing ! I’m now a guy free from computing addition. The problem is, I can not separate from my smartphone… the addiction has reappeared again in a new way…